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Underage Drinking Attorney in Pittsburgh

Farrell & Associates is a underage drinking legal council that consistently tracks new developments in criminal defense law in Pittsburgh, as well as throughout the United States; and searches for ways that we can defend our clients better. Knowledge is power when it comes to the law, especially with underage drinking cases. You will not find anyone in the Pittsburgh area with more knowledge of criminal defense matters than at Farrell & Associates. Our quest for knowledge in matters of underage drinking cases is unmatched; and our efforts toward resolving your underage drinking case will show our dedication to you. 

At Farrell & Associates, we work hard to provide our knowledge during the underage drinking trials our clients face. Throughout our 24 years of helping clients, we have seen many successes in Pittsburgh that can all be attributed to our professionalism and experience. 

There is a period of time before the district attorney will file charges against your underage drinking matter. You may or may not be arrested before charges are filed. If you hire Farrell & Associates early, we may have an opportunity to prevent charges from being filed against you. 

Benefit from us today!

We are more than happy to schedule a consultation to discuss any possible defenses you have in your underage drinking case. If you decide to retain Farrell & Associates as council, we will work hard to develop the best possible strategy for against your underage drinking charge. We are more than happy to meet you in the Pittsburgh area to discuss your case. From the moment you contact our offices, we will tailor our service to help you deal with the stresses of facing a underage drinking charge and develop a thorough plan to dispose of your underage drinking case effectively.

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