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Assault Attorney in Bethel Park

When your future is on the line after having been charged with a assault offense you cannot take any chances. Work with Farrell & Associates and you will be receiving legal aide that is reputed throughout Bethel Park as a knowledgeable and professional legal team.

Our assault firm takes much gratification in its 24 years with its involvement with diversion and treatment programs, depending on your circumstances it can keep you from having a criminal record. At Farrell & Associates, we relish that our assault firm has familiarity with alternatives to convictions and jail time, such as supervision and drug court. After a complete evaluation of your case and background, our assault firm can discuss your eligibility for these types of programs. At Farrell & Associates, no option is ever off the table because Farrell & Associates will view your case from every angle.

Farrell & Associates wants to help you through your assault trial. We commit to helping our Bethel Park clients through every step of the process so they know every detail about their case. Farrell & Associates is here to assist you with your assault case and to attain a positive outcome. 

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Here at Farrell & Associates, we devote ourselves to the successful legal representation of our Bethel Park area clients. When you work with our team, we make sure your assault case is ready to be taken seriously in court. Give us a call today at (412) 201-5159 so that you can get the results you want. 

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