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Assault Attorney in Bethel Park

A assault charge means you could likely face jail time, and at the very least you will be facing a very hefty fine. If you are in Bethel Park then Farrell & Associates can help you fight your charges with a dedicated and professional legal defense team that uses our 24 years of experience to figure out how to best help each of our clients. We have helped clients in Bethel Park see results such as reduced sentencing, plea bargains and even dropped charges. 

When you are facing the jurors in a court that serves the Bethel Park area, you need someone who has the ability to persuade them to benefit your case. Farrell & Associates has 24 years of experience helping our clients. If you are in the Bethel Park area, we can assist you with your assault situation now.

If you live in Bethel Park and you are facing criminal charges, you need help form a professional and knowledgeable assault firm that knows how to work in the area. At Farrell & Associates, we have 24 years of experience in dealing with assault charges that our clients have faced, and we will be able to help you through this time. 

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Here at Farrell & Associates, we devote ourselves to the successful legal representation of our Bethel Park area clients. When you work with our team, we make sure your assault case is ready to be taken seriously in court. Give us a call today at (412) 201-5159 so that you can get the results you want. 

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